zebra gc420 vs citizen cl-e300

Alternative to the Zebra GC420T

Our Top Pick for the Best Printer that Replaces the Zebra GC420 Series The Zebra GC420 Series are considered to be reliable, durable, and overall quality thermal printers. Unfortunately, the GC420 series has been discontinued by Zebra. We would like to offer an alternative to the GC420 that can do everything it did, and more!  …

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sato ws4 vs zebra zd420

Alternative to the Zebra ZD420

The One Reason Why Sato’s WS4 is the Better Alternative to Zebra’s ZD420 In this post we will discuss the one and most important advantage of buying Sato’s WS4 over Zebra’s ZD420. In a time where printer manufacturers are very similar, it can make it hard to choose which printer will be best for your …

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zebra zt410 vs sato cl4nx

Alternative to the Zebra ZT410

The Best Alternative Printer to the Discontinued Zebra ZT410:Sato CL4NX Plus The Zebra ZT410 was a solid printer that had many use cases across multiple industries, but has unfortunately been discontinued. What if there was a printer that could do everything the Zebra can, but better? The Sato CL4NX Plus is, in our opinion, the best …

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