Ty, a dynamic professional, has embarked on a multifaceted career path. His journey has spanned various roles, each contributing to his rich experience. From administrative tasks to strategic planning, Ty has done it all. His unwavering commitment to hard work and his innate ability to figure things out have set him apart.

Now, Ty stands at the threshold of a new chapter: marketing. Armed with determination and a penchant for excellence, he is poised to make a significant impact. Ty’s adaptability, combined with his strong work ethic, promises success in this exciting field.

Ty resides in Salinas, CA, and is an individual who cherishes quality time spent with family and friends. His passion for freedom is palpable, whether he’s behind the wheel of a car, soaring through the skies in an airplane, or cruising on a motorcycle. Ty’s outgoing nature draws him to new connections and he thrives on challenges that push him to excel. He firmly believes that life offers limitless opportunities, and he refuses to squander precious moments on trivial matters. Whether he’s with loved ones or contributing at Sidco, Ty embraces each second with enthusiasm and purpose.

I believe that if you decide to put in the work, time and attention, there is almost nothing that you cannot do.


-Ty McKenzie

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