30 Years Experience in Medical Device Labeling Sets Us Apart

Medical Device Labeling UDI  We have over 30 years experience integrating compliant medical device labeling systems. Our team of specialists, combined with our experience makes us the ideal choice for Unique Device Identification labeling solutions. 
Breakdown of a UDI Label:

The FDA UDI mandate calls for the placement of Device Identifiers (DI) and Production Identifiers (PI) on a UDI label. The former is a static portion of a UDI label that identifies the labeler and the specific device version or model, while the latter represents the conditional variable portion of a UDI label that can be used to ID one of a number of attributes specific to a device such as

  • a serial number;
  • a lot or batch number;
  • the date manufactured;
  • the expiration date;
  • for a human tissue, cell, or cellular and tissue-based product regulated as a device, the distinct identification code required by §1271.290(c).

Example UDI Compliant Labels:

UDI Labeling DiagramExample UDI Label
How We Can Help:

Sidco Labeling Systems has made it a priority to educate ourselves fully on UDI labeling requirements so that we can develop and integrate a tailor made compliant labeling solution for your individual needs. Sidco can provide the entire spectrum of labeling technology, from Label Printers, Label Applicators, and Compliant Labeling Software. To Barcode Scanners and Technical Services, Sidco Labeling Systems is fully equipped to help you with all your UDI labeling challenges.

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