Jay, a seasoned sales professional, boasts a varied career encompassing diverse roles, from administration to strategic planning. His commitment to hard work and innate problem-solving abilities set him apart. Now, armed with determination and a pursuit of excellence, Jay is poised for significant impact. His adaptability and strong work ethic position him for success in this dynamic professional landscape. With a keen eye for opportunities, Jay excels in this exciting phase of his career.

Jay, a resident of Los Gatos, CA, is an individual who highly values meaningful moments spent with family and friends, including his beloved dog. His enthusiasm for independence is evident, whether he is enjoying the companionship of his canine friend or mastering new techniques for BBQ and cooking on the grill. Jay’s sociable disposition naturally attracts him to forging new connections, and he excels when faced with challenges that encourage personal growth. Firmly believing in the abundance of opportunities that life presents, Jay is committed to making the most of every moment, whether in the company of loved ones or contributing to endeavors at Sidco. His approach to life is characterized by a profound sense of purpose and unwavering enthusiasm.

I firmly contend that through dedicated effort, time investment, and focused attention, nearly any endeavor becomes achievable. I am particularly passionate about outreach and firmly believe in the transformative power it holds.


-Jay Lucke

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