DLF-220S / DLF-140S Mini Digital Label Finisher Series

DLF-220S / DLF-140S Mini Digital Label Finisher Series

Tabletop Digital Label Finishers

Cut any shape digitally, without the use of dies

The DLF-140S (max 140mm width) and DLF-220S (max 220mm width) are small-footprint versions of our full-size label finishers, designed for tabletop use. Ultra-precise cutting abilities easily produce beautiful full-bleed labels without a need for costly dies. A digital cut file guides the DLF’s plotter as it converts uncut, continuous-printed media into fully-finished labels. 

Unwind, laminate, contour cut, remove waste, slit, and rewind in one simple process to create professionally-finished labels. These solutions are perfect for on-demand, short-run label finishing.

Tabletop Consolidated Form Factor

Plotter-Cut From a Digital File (No Dies)

Ideal for Short Runs & Proofing

Works With Pre-Printed Rolls

User Information

Features & Benefits

Initial Cost



Low-Medium (Highly Versatile)

Finishing Speed

Artwork Dependent

Cutting Method

Plotter-Style (Digital)

Max Cut Width

4.8 inch or 7.87 inch (122 mm or 200 mm)

Max Roll Diameter

7.87 inch (200 mm)

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