zebra zt410 vs sato cl4nx

Alternative to the Zebra ZT410

The Best Alternative Printer to the
Discontinued Zebra ZT410:
Sato CL4NX Plus

The Zebra ZT410 was a solid printer that had many use cases across multiple industries, but has unfortunately been discontinued. What if there was a printer that could do everything the Zebra can, but better? The Sato CL4NX Plus is, in our opinion, the best option to replace the ZT410. We will discuss the similarities, the differences, and why we think the Sato CL4NX Plus is best replacement to the Zebra ZT410. Understanding the benefits of Sato’s flagship printer can help you decide if the CL4NX Plus is right for your business.

zebra zt410 vs sato cl4nx

How are They the Same?

As stated before, both of these are industrial thermal printers and have the capability to handle most printing applications that arise in day to day business operations. Each of these printers are capable of both thermal transfer and direct thermal printing methods, and come in configurations of 200 dpi, 300 dpi, and 600 dpi. Each printer is able to utilize label stock up to 4 inches wide and come equipped standard with Bluetooth and ethernet connectivity.

Both these printers are marketed as highly durable, they both have metal panels and are designed to withstand harsh manufacturing environments. They both boast reliability and the ability to scale with your business. The manufacturers want you to be able to rely on these printers without constant maintenance or upgrades being necessary.

What Makes Them Different?

Both printers were designed to be workhorses that can fit a huge range of business applications. While both have successfully been integrated into many businesses worldwide, we want to highlight some key differences that give the CL4NX the edge. For starters, the CL4NX is fully compatible with ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) code, this makes it a printer that is “plug and play” into applications that already utilize Zebra code functions to feed data to their printer fleet.

Another highlight for the CL4NX Plus is the user interface, it has a super easy to use button pad, full color LED screen, as well as the options on the screen are clear and easy to understand. The Sato also has tutorial videos built into the printer interface. You can watch them right on the screen of the printer, they cover common questions like how to change the ink ribbon, how to change the printhead or platen roller, and how to clean the printer for optimal performance. In comparison, the ZT410 asked users to scan a code to view tutorial videos through a web browser.

The CL4NX Plus features very precise internal components, everything fits together well, feels strong and serves a function. The print mechanism swings up and gives you easy access to load and unload ribbon, labels, and clean the printer. The ribbon take up spool is another great feature, it has a button that makes it collapse allowing spent ribbon to be easily removed. The spool requires no cardboard core to rewind the used ribbon onto, this makes it extremely convenient to switch ribbons when printing. The CL4NX also features tool-less maintenance, this means you can change wearable components like the printhead and platen roller with absolutely no tools.

Why is the Sato CL4NX Plus the Better Choice?

  • Better User Interface
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Tool-less maintenance
  • Efficient ribbon and label changing
  • Faster cleaning and maintenance


To conclude, the Zebra ZT410 has been discontinued, we recommend the Sato CL4NX Plus as a replacement printer. The CL4NX Plus has all the features the Zebra had, combined with the advantages listed above, it is a clear choice when your business is looking for a thermal label printer.

Take a look at the CL4NX Plus by Clicking Here

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