What is GHS? 

GHS (Globally Harmonized System) is a new regulatory measure being taken by OSHA to ensure that hazardous chemicals are labeled clearly, and in a manner consistent throughout the industry. The purpose of GHS is to reduce confusion around the risks of accidental exposure to hazardous chemicals, in hopes that chemical related accidents will be virtually eliminated. For a more detailed description of GHS click here.

What Changes are Taking Place?

​​The Globally Harmonized System is designed to regulate the way hazardous chemicals are labeled, in an effort to ensure that workers who are handling and interacting with these chemicals understand the risks associated with exposure to them. The main difference is the addition of a red frame around the hazard symbol, as well as a signal word to help workers quickly identify the item as hazardous.

GHS compliant sample label

Compliant Solutions:

Cab technologies Hermes +C with attached label applicator​​​Pictured to the left is the Cab Technologies Hermes +C two color thermal label printer, with attached 4014 label applicator. For a GHS compliant solution with added efficiency look no further than the Hermes +C. The applicator attached to the front of the printer can be removed in under 60 seconds, so no matter what your product variations are the Hermes +C adapts and excels.



Cab technologies XC6 two color thermal label printer

​​To the left is the Cab Technologies XC6 two color thermal label printer. This printer utilizes the same two color technology as the Hermes +C (above) but is designed with desktop printing in mind. This printer is also available in a 4 inch print width, known as the Cab Technologies XC4 two color thermal label printer.


Printers in Action!



How to Become Compliant:

​​Becoming GHS compliant may seem like a daunting task, Sidco Labeling Systems can design and implement the perfect GHS compliant labeling system. We have become experts on GHS labeling in an effort to better serve your needs, Contact Us to speak with a GHS labeling expert and begin your transition to a compliant labeling system today!


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